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Shaving Soap Puck (Replacement for Shaving Cup)

Shaving Soap Puck (Replacement for Shaving Cup)

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About| Experience cleansed, soft and supple skin like never before with our luxury "Shaving Soap Puck" Shaving Puck is made with all natural ingredients!

Fragrance Notes| Mixture of Essential oils.


  • Our Shaving Puck is packed with natural ingredients and essential oils!
  • Crafted with Clay, and Colloidal Oats to lock in moisture, protect your skin from the effects of shaving and from the environment. Helps foster new skin cells. 
  • Colloidal oatmeal binds to your skin and locks in moisture, giving your skin a chance to rehydrate. It also softens your skin and soothes itching. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it great for people who have dry skin, because it helps balance your skin's natural pH levels. 
  • Clay detoxifies pores and absorbing excess oils to fighting acne. Clay also gives you a smooth shave, and helps protect from nicks 

Details| Weight: 8 oz | Scent: Crafted from a blend of natural essential oils.| Ingredients: Coconut, Lard, Canola Oil, Lye, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Fragrance Oil, Tallow, Clay, Colloidal oats

Usage: Use the spa soap in the same manner that you would a regular soap. Massage the soap into a brush then gently massage with brush on desired areas of face and neck.   You may also apply and massage the spa soap directly on the skin in a light handed circular motion. Shave and rinse with warm water. Store Shaving Puck in a dry and room temperature space or container. 
For Safety: This product is NOT for internal consumption. Replace the soap back to its container after every use. Do not use around open wounds on the skin. Discontinue use of the product if you experience irritated skin. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. 
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