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Cynthia's Southern Luxuries

At Cynthia's Southern Luxuries® we handmake luxury spa soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, body butter, and scented candles with high-quality natural oils and ingredients. At Cynthia’s Southern Luxuries® we know that beauty and strength come from within but we believe that our products will inspire you to reach higher to achieve your dreams. Beneath our diversely scented products lies aromatherapeutic properties that promote good health

and well-being. We are committed to continually searching for the purest ingredients and creating quality products that you're sure to LOVE! 

Rugged Man by Cynthia's Southern Luxuries (logo) 

Rugged Man

We have been making handcrafted products in the United States for over four years. Rugged Man® is our line of luxury men's products. This collection is comprised of natural beard care essentials (beard washes, balms, and premium oils), spa soaps and lotions. After using our men's line, you'll enjoy a healthy beard and skin that feels pristine! 

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Cynthia Rozier - Founder, owner and manager of Cynthia's Southern Luxuries

Meet Founder, Cynthia Brumm!

" I started Cynthia's Southern Luxuries® to help women and men achieve healthier skin by using all natural body care products that they can trust. I find peace in running my business the old fashioned way-- I handcraft my own inventory, interact with my customers, and only sell products that I believe in. It is one of my main priorities to continuously conduct research on natural ingredients so that my products are top of the line. My favorite part about working my business has to be feeling the satisfaction after seeing the many smiling faces of my customers! Through my journey, I've become so much more passionate about getting to know my customers one on one; So much so, that I travel around Fayetteville, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas presenting pop-up shops and hosting parties to get to other communities and spread the word about my business! My goal is to show you why Cynthia's Southern Luxuries® should be your one-stop source for bath and body care!

- Cynthia

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